Kim De Vries

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Welcome. This page will always be under construction, so please bear with me and watch your head.

Though I have a page similar to this at my university, I am starting to develop a number of independent research projects and have decided to host them independently. This also means that this page does NOT represent an official page from my university. So for whatever that's worth...Probably as time passes this page will move further an further from the university page.

I earned my MA and PhD at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in English (concentration in Rhetoric and Composition) and was Director of Composition at Cal. State Stanislaus from June 2006-June 2009. Now I'm free of that responsibility and back to more teaching. I've been teaching about rhetoric, writing, and comparative media for about 15 years.

My classes generally include undergraduate composition and graduate classes in rhetoric and/or teaching composition. I'm interested in teaching courses that explore rhetoric and issues of identity: gender, race/ethnicity, class, especially online. I also teach non-western rhetoric and courses in digital rhetoric and new media; I feel it is especially important to teach graduate students, future teachers, about these topics.

My research interests include transnational literacies, comparative (and contrastive) rhetoric, new/digital media, online communities, and identity studies. My past research has been on Multiple Intelligence theory, the Chinese educational system, and on Chinese identity expressed through film.

Most recently I've been studying the institutionalization of new media in the Netherlands, particularly the impact of gender, and have started a series of interviews and site visits to gather material. I also have been exploring how social software, like Facebook and Twitter, facilitate community and relationship formation. If you visit my research blog, Else-If-Then, you should get a pretty clear picture. It covers my thoughts on my work and also has my notes on the conferences and other events I'm attending (mostly post-event) and updates on the projects and grants I'm working on. I also now have started a site for the gender and technology research--it's just getting off the ground, so there's not much there yet.

While I've tried to avoid buried links, at the same time I'm aiming for simplicity, so there are a few. If you want to see all the pages you might visit, check the site map above.

Mostly for my own benefit, I'm including a lot of links that I use a lot on this page.

I'm quite active in Facebook, but I only add friends who I actually know.