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22 Sep

Why do we all love Facebook?

I’ve really been wondering about this; all of these friends and I are supposed to have seriously critical attitudes toward [&hellip

19 Sep

Facebook Mania

I’ve had an account on Facebook for awhile and thought it was rather boring, but suddenly some of my friends [&hellip

18 Sep

Oh well…

I did not get nominated. 😛 I’m hoping that I end up thinking this is a good thing because the [&hellip

17 Sep

Her Literacy Narrative

OK, I asked the students in my graduate seminar on teaching composition and literature to write a literacy narrative–the story [&hellip

13 Sep

Book Project Update

So I guess I do have a book project; it’s official. –By that I mean that I’m applying for grants [&hellip

13 Sep

Grant-writing or ….

Actually I can’t think of anything worse at the moment. I have (I hope to god) just finished preparing an [&hellip

8 Sep

The effect of habitual contexts on tone

Sounds complicated, but all I actually mean is that for a long time I’ve used IRC, IM, and email to [&hellip

6 Sep

And, we’re off!

The semester has started and students are starting to find their way to the Moodle site, where so far, they [&hellip

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