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21 Oct

Cyborg and Techno Anxiety

I meet a lot of people who are very anxious about and suspicious of technology.  I was going to write [&hellip

15 Oct

Also forgot MLA… New Media Divergence: The Problem of a Fragmented Disciplinary Discourse

I spoke at MLA last December about what I feel is problem in current academic discourse about new media: The [&hellip

13 Oct

Slides from CCCC 2009

I just noticed that I never posted the slides from my talk at the 2009 Conference on College Composition and [&hellip

8 Oct

Blogging and the Paperless Class.

I recently manned (womanned? personed?) a table at our school’s little tech fair; my subject was this post’s title. I [&hellip

4 Oct

Arse Elektronika 2009

I gave a talk this year, along with my co-panelist Pepper Mint. It went very well and was I think [&hellip

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