MLA is a go

So I will be speaking at MLA. I’m not even sure what to think of that; I’m so used to thinking of the MLA convention as just a necessary evil for job-seekers and search committees, it seems weird to think of it as an actual academic meeting. But I’m really looking forward to it, –it’s not till late next December, so it’s silly to even think too much about it now since I have two other conferences and three papers to prepare between now and then. Here’s the abstract and as usual, thanks to the usual suspects for feedback and editing help.

And what I really have to figure out are my travel plans for the summer; flights are horribly expensive. The dollar’s turning almost into play-money doesn’t help either, but if it’s still in the tank by late June I’ll just have to sponge of my friends in the Netherlands. –If any of you are reading, start saving up now to feed the starving American. 😉

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