needs of our people

Students have a hard enough time finding their identity in the academic realm without having to worry about whether or not they are going to be percieved as outsiders, foreigners, or Heaven forbid… “Wierdos.”  According to Ball  “It’s the way that we perceive our students as literate individuals and their voices and how important their voice is.” {Ball, Muhammed 86) As educators we should understand the needs of our people, and their collective intricacies.  In the category of education, we should be encouraging students to share their cultural heritage in order to access their collective cultural backgrounds.   As educators we help those students develop their own identities, voices, and confidence.

The teaching of alternative dialects of English has always been a difficult subject.  . As soon as I was through the introduction, I found myself wanting to read more on the specifics of their studiest I was introduced to the concept of accepting other voices and encouraging others to develop there own voices; seemingly, as soon as I was born.  I was present as a Primary school student for the Pol Pot Exodous in 1983 where thousands  of cambodian, Laosian, and Mong refugees fled to the United States to escape communist rule and death. Prior to that I was a Native American kid living in a Mexican community.  My life has been a vast series of lessons in alternative dialects of english.

 As more traditional skinner styles of teaching can stifle students progress based on the empirical evidence. A more meaningful approach seems to guide students into positive movement concerning their voice because they become invested instead of pushed.   Certain schools do offer classes in other dialects.   I, lika a constructivist, do not feel that intolerance of tolerance is the only way to approach  students. As I stated earlier,  teaching writing should be about  a student developing a voices; so as individuals, confidence brews in their collective souls.  As we tell them how to write, we dismiss their own writing style, we as educators may stunt their writing growth.

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