New Media: Theory, Practice and Pedagogy

DRAFT — Note, this course is still being developed

so the calendar and shorter readings

are subject to change.

Course Description/Goals:

In this class, you will have the opportunity to:

  • explore the wide range of pedagogical possibilities in technology and new media
  • learn and discuss principles and techniques for a variety of teaching tasks
  • develop an understanding of how technology impacts our students, educational institutions, and culture
  • understand how technology may change writing
  • practice using technology in teaching and curricular design

We will try to personalize this as much as possible, focusing on the goals and needs of students in the class. Let me know if there is a way to adapt an assignment to make it more meaningful for you. If you have other ideas or suggestions for topics, assignments, or discussions, please email me (kdevries at csustan dot edu).

Course Texts:

  • Zittrain, Jonathan. The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It, selections–free online
  • Selber, Stuart. Multiliteracies for a Digital Age, selections, available here in the blog for class members.
  • Other online readings and resources; see the calendar below for details.

Recommended Supplementary Resources


  1. Participation in weekly discussion
  2. Online reading journal/blog
  3. “Scouting Report” –short writing (500 word blog post) and presentation (then archived on your blog) about online archive/community/event/text that would be useful in a composition or literature class.
  4. Short vodcast/video presentation online about a literary or composition topic of your choice.
  5. Final project plus oral presentation of the project

Weekly Schedule:

Week 1 Introduction to class. What is happening? “Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change,” by Neil Postman.

Week 2 How are English and Writing being affected?The Figure of Writing and the Future of English Studies“; Blog or website must be set up.

Week 3 Texts, Networks, and Webs. Zittrain, Introduction through Chapter Three.; Clay Burell, video tutorial; using social networks, social bookmarking, authoring and collaboration tools.

Week 4 Shifts in Technologies and Power. Zittrain, Chapters Four through Six; Howard Rheingold Interview; tools must be integrated into the blog or website.

Week 5 Changing Schools, Changing Societies.

Week 6 Examples of technology’s Impact.. Scouting Reports Due

Week 7 Literacy, Democracy, and Participation.

Week 8 New Media in the Classroom. , Introduction, Parts One and Two.

Week 9 Learning the Game. Koster, selected chapters.

Week 10 Institutions, Rhetoric, and Creating New Knowledge., Parts Five and Six.

Week 11 Current Issues: Surveillance, Community, and the Ethics of Technology.

Week 12 Presentation of Final Papers/Projects

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