Oh God! Is that a mushroom cloud in the horizon?

Postman and Prensky really got me thinking about the fear and caution kinda inherent in technology.  Reading Prensky allowed me to diagnose my fear as a symptom of Digital Immigrant status.  By this I don’t mean to demean immigration as an illness.  But when dealing with technology I really sometimes feel apprehensive, scared, and sometimes sick to my stomach.  Yesterday, at a meeting during a Powerpoint glitch I heard someone say:  “just don’t push the wrong one [button] and have a mushroom cloud.”   I’m probably not as infected to the point of this hyperbole, but I’m definitely confessing here to my own fears and anxieties about technologies.   I guess Postman’s view of winners and losers in technology’s worldwide and “mythic” domination gots me wonderin’  . . . . what am I,  a winner or a loser?

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