Aaron Arias

English 5010

Dr. Devries

Fall 2007


What culture is he talking about? Is he talking about academic culture or cultures in general? Languages are alive and growing as we speak.  The definition of a living language is that it is evolving constantly; unless you are French; despite the best efforts of those cultures who try to control Language the culture surrounding the effort always kick the crap out of regulation. In Postman’s “First Idea”  “Idea Number One is that culture always pays a price for technology”. Is it possible to become an academic Computer communicator forever? With technology flying so fast and firm, are we going to be able to alter the way students express themselves? Are we hanging on to written formal English the way of the past? Do we have a responsibility as academics to move forward with the changing times or should we look to the past,”The good old days,” that were never really as good as the ones long for it. Mass Media is responsible for partially constructing my view of reality. To what extent is this positive or negative? A major concern of the presence of Media in the lives of students is that there is not an equal playing field in the world of education.  Many believe that to implement knowledge, we must present knew information in a form with which students are more familiar. The work has to bare some relevance to their daily lives.  Students want to be involved and interested in what is being presented. Facilitation is the way to integrate teaching about technology.  Teaching about technology is the way to go because teaching with technology is still leaving the students out in the cold.

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