Personal Use of Tech Narrative

We have been talking about different uses of technology, how it relates to literacy, and the way it impacts our lives in helpful or detrimental ways. You have been writing about how you use technology, and have been gaining more knowledge of of different ways it can be used.

In this essay, give us a general sense of how technology works in your life, and then focus in on some aspect that seems especially important to you. Write in detail about how you are using some particular kind of technology, or about how you feel it is affecting you, or about some concern you have about it’s role in your life. Aim to provide enough detail and explanation for readers to understand what you are thinking and feeling and to understand why you think and feel those things.

Aim for about 1500 words; images and links are welcome if they enhance your discussion, but the main focus in this assignment is on the text. Think about how you want to organize or ideas in the linear way required by text.

This essay should be posted as a new entry in your blog by Thursday, Oct. 8, in time for class.  In class we will be exchanging feedback with at least one partner.

Note that I’ve specified the length in word count not pages, which means you are free to experiment with different fonts or layouts and so on.

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