Friend sites: How to express hatred without words

It’s funny that Kim posted these videos about the social problems that leak from the digital world into the real world through websites like Facebook because just this week one of my friends on Facebook posted this:  For those of you who still want to stay in contact see my myspace; there’s too much drama on Facebook.

I have no idea exactly what drama is going on in her life, but I have some idea.  For instance, I belong to a theater cast.  This theater cast has a group of girls who have formed their own little myspace club.  Being accepted online as a member of this club is a testament to a person’s status with the “in-crowd” on cast that ends up creating real world drama:

“Brandy won’t accept me as a friend on the Pink Luscious site.”

Yeah—all myspace has done is present an opportunity for Brandy to let everyone know that she publicly hates someone without having to say a single word.

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