Can Video Games Actually Make Better Writers?

Using the video game SWAT 4 as a primary exemplar for explaining the connection between learning and education, Gee makes some interesting observations about how individuals actually process information through experiences.  He makes some good points regarding the necessity of proper game design.  Games that are designed properly allow a player the means to succeed. Plus games have lots of feedback and lots of practice.  Yet, I do not believe I have ever heard of a video game actually improving writing skills.  If I play Medal of Honor, I can gain a great deal of knowledge regarding a certain time period.  I can learn the various weapons used, the military strategies employed, as well as the numerous leaders and subordinates responsible for successes and defeats.  But how can a video game be constructed to move writing structure closer to the sophistication of a 19th century romance novelist.  How can a game improve a teenager’s diction?   If someone is on the brink of inventing such a creation, I would love to check it out.  As I am an English teacher, my goal is to improve writing.  The games that Gee discuss have much to do with learning facts in properly situated contexts.  This makes a lot of sense to me. But how does that improve essay writing?  I honestly hope someone can find a way to do this. I am simply not optimistic about it.

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