Artifact Star Wars

Think critically about the role of media in your own life and environment.
In my life, media has ruled every aspect of my life. From my addiction to pong to the splendid graphics in Nintendo’s Contra, in the span of ten years, technology moved at a snail’s pace. I as an inspired child dreamed of the star wars universe as a reality. I wanted to believe in the force and the idea that there was a spirit in every aspect of my environment. I was a product of the mass media and I still am. I cannot survive without Madden football and it is an easy way to relate to the younger generation that has grown up with the technology that we watched being developed.
Philosophically speaking, I learned how to manipulate others through the star wars universe. There were toys, bed sheets curtains, toys, silverware, shirts and toys! I loved reading the comic books when I was a kid. I didn’t know how to take care of them so they fell apart in time. When a computer program containing all of the Star wars comic books was released I learned how to install a program on my computer that was always around, I just never used it. I remember talking to my parents and trying to get them to do what I wanted. For instance, I came at them with the Jedi Approach. I would say You want to buy me a Millenium Falcon as I waved my hand across my body. My parents would look at me and say what’s wrong with you? No! I would strategically put them in front of the T.V. on Saturday when the toy was being advertized. I strategically placed the J.C. Penny catalog with the Star Wars toys Display page front and center, and after about a year and a half I got one. What can I say, technology was a slow steady process when I was a kid. Watching the Emporer manipulate and stir up emotions in me as well as the characters intrigued me.
I learned that points of view can be painful from star wars. Obi wan Kenobi, and Yoda Jacked Luke up by trying to make him Kill his father. He even gave Luke his father’s own weapon to do the deed with. The pain that this movie displayed for all involved really influenced me and all of my friends in a deep and meaningful way. We still argue over the fact that Luke was a pawn and that the Jedi may have been evil. Who would send an individuals son to kill him without
I used to talk about the technology that was showcased in star wars and I wanted to create that technology in order to explore space. The idea of communicating with others at the drop of a hat was alluring to me. As I have grown up international translators have made some serious strides in my world. Computers still have a hard time with context, but they are really quick. The computers have become smaller and the communication i.e., “the internet” have brought that to fruition. Darth Vader and his oxygen apparatus made apnia masks cool. Life support was brought to the forefront in the public eye. The idea of good verses evil on a simple scale was defined for the first time since the Nazies simplified ideas for the masses in order to take over.
Media and star wars go together like Starski and Hutch, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid Bill and ted and even Luke Skywalker and Han solo. The media perpetuated the modern mythology of Star wars. As I began to grow up and lose interest the Star wars fan club went to the internet and I was able to access more information than I could have possibly imagined. I could answer any question that I ever pondered on in the star wars universe. The real life technology that the fictional technology of the movie was based upon was there to be explored. The behavior patterns of different species based on the different cultural contexts of people on this planet was available for comparison.
As my life passed by, I along with the rest of the world were inspired by the fictional technology of the Star Wars Universe. As I have grown up I have watched villains deliver klunky dialogue in the attempt to make other characters believe their point of view. In Star Wars, George lucas was able to weave a rhetorical argument that warrants discussion wherever I go. We went to school the next day unable to explain to our friends how everything was different now,” the “Colbert Report” host, now 43, says about his first viewing of “Star Wars” in the History Channel documentary “Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed.”How right he was. “Star Wars,” indeed, was a phenomenon — one that caught most of Hollywood by surprise. Thirty years after its premiere on May 25, 1977 in just 32 theaters, it remains the model for the summer blockbuster — and a touchstone for two generations of moviegoers. In starwars Nobles were typically members of the upper parts of galactic society. Sometimes, they were born into the upper classes and were from families of noble or similar status on their home planets. Others worked their way up the social ladder via their political, diplomatic, military, commercial, artistic, media, and sometimes even criminal careers. This type of reflection society is what I am talking about. Just like in our universe, nobles would often use intelligence or charisma rather than brute force and direct confrontation. They were typically well-versed in the arts of rhetoric and negotiation and were highly socially skilled. Some nobles were truly honest and honorable people, while others were sly and treacherous. Nobles were, due to their status as dignities and their social skills, typically influential people who were well-suited for leadership.

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