Prensky Digital Immigrant

My family are dominated constantly by fantasy football One of the few phenomema on the Web that people are willing to pay for consistently, fantasy sports, where people trade players and manage teams in baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or (in Europe) soccer are generate tens of millions of dollars annually. Fantasy football allows people to create a sense of competition that allows them to feel the euphoria that may be long gone or impossible for others. Players typically create their own teams from the players in a major sports league, and if their teams do well, they win prizes and bragging rights. Bragging rights are the set of pain that feel good to the layman. While picking and trading their team members, they are overwhelmed by the addictive pleasure that comes along with winning and losing.

Ten years ago this was not the story. everybody cussed and threw things at the television. THere was literally no way to get out the frustration of competition where there was no outlet to ease the mind. Marc Prensky says that digital immigrants are able to create personalities representing the best in an alternate reality. The allure of individuals who are experiencing this for the first time are running to catch up in a world that is not slowing down. As digital immigrants, we need to keep moving forward in the quest for knowledge.

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