Technology Necessary …..Evil?

Selber’s larger plan is clear. He argues that students need to be producers (not just users) of digital text and that these texts will largely be of a kind that “defy the established purview of English departments” and move instead “into the territory of writing and communication teachers” (122)

It is evident that technology is a new way of life. In the real world, academic world, or any environment you find yourself in technology is inescapable. We have discussed that the written word in Ancient Greece was not thought highly of because it was not mass-produced nor was it available to everyone; however, as the means to acquire a book become more accessible the written word flourished into all sectors of society. Our academic institutions are reliant on texts. It is not only a means to teach but also an industry that the economic system relies on for capital gain. Technology is sweeping over our society and changing our future just as the printing press did in 1440.  As educators in a highly completive society, the necessity of understanding technology will soon correlate to job security, if it hasn’t already.

My little sister has developed an online blog that serves as her journal. She includes pictures taken from her phone digital camera, videos, and commentary to describe her daily activities. The type of activity takes journal writing to a hybrid level. I asked her to teach me how to blog and she laughed, just like I laughed when my mom first tried to maneuver a computer mouse. Continuing education in technology is a must these days. If teachers don’t stay current on technology or institute it in their classrooms, they are going to be the beginners in their courses.

Selber argues that students need to produce technology such as blogs or informative websites. Being an author does not necessarily mean writing an essay, journal entry, or book, but publishing information online can be just as informative. Selber also implies that many instructors are not qualified because they do not have a solid grasp of technology. I agree with Selber in the sense that students need an instructor that can keep them involved, intrigued, and engaged. I am most engaged when teachers use technology in class, PowerPoint, videos, online discussion. These additions to the traditional classroom enable the classroom to coincide with modern day.  Technology is only getting bigger, stronger, and more prevalent. For some technology is a necessary evil, but for many it is the new way of life.

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