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So I’ve been playing my first MMORPG ever, and surprise, have gotten a little addicted. But this one differs from most in being designed to require cooperation; it’s very difficult to play alone, and not as much fun.  The game is Clan Lord, by Delta Tao; the first ever MMORPG designed for Macs.

It first appeared in 1998 and over ten years later is still going.  It has a very small but intensely loyal user base.  I’ve been playing about four months now and while I originally wanted to just play it for fun, the game and the community around it seem really unique.  I might have to give in and write about it.  🙂

I’ll write in more detail soon but for now, a picture:

I am last in the line of fallen hunters being dragged back to town to be healed. I used to end most hunts this way, but it’s getting a little better now.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Games and Community

  1. Joe

    The rescue is a fantastic feature of Clan Lord. It seems a little lame at first to lay fallen in the woods waiting for somebody to arrange a party to come grab you, but it’s surprisingly compelling, and it really makes you feel good when they go through the effort.

    The chain is a pretty darned good invention, too. Thanks, Mikey!

  2. admin Post author

    Mikey made chains? Cool! I knew he did the vermin tree, but had no idea about the chains.

    And yeah, it really does feel good knowing that people will help if you get in trouble, even if you weren’t out together to begin with.

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