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My friends still rock

So seems like everyone is doing really cool stuff lately.

Lokman’s research was actually mentioned in the Huffington Post, and even better (much better) it’s now official that he will a fellow at the Berkman Center at Harvard next year while he finishes his dissertation. And I knew him when he was a lowly student of computer science at the University of Utrecht. 🙂 Back then he was not so professional and only had a personal blog (though even that looks rather pro these days) and the Wong Kar Wai site. Sigh–they grow up so fast. Ok, I was a lowly student then too, but still…

Next, Mirko, while finishing his dissertation, teaching, writing an article for a book he’s helping to organize, has also put together a kickass presentation for this event at Utrecht U. where he teaches and is doing his PhD in the New Media and Digital Culture program. I am gnashing my teeth with admiration and envy. Anyway, I think he’ll post the presentation somewhere soon or it will be archived and then I’ll add the link here.

I, on the other hand, am just waiting to find out whether the rejection email, or the “dear author” email I received is the accurate reflection of reality. More on that later. Or not. 😉