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Articles and Conference Proceedings

  • Users Recognizing Their own Heterogenous Participation and Leveraging Their Own Free Labor, Under review.

  • Your Friend Has Just Tackled You; Bite, lick, or tackle them back, or click here to theorize about what this all means, in Datadirt, by Ritchie Pettauer, November 2008.

  • “Writing Wonder Women: How Playful Resistance Leads to Sustained Authorial Participation at Sequential Tart,” in Writing and the Digital Generation, Heather Urbanski ed., McFarland, 2010.

  • “Bridges or Breaches? Thoughts on how people use blogs in China” in International Blogging, Russell, Adrienne and Nabil Echachaibi eds., Peter Lang, 2008.

  • “Desire, Dissent and Differentiation: Sustaining Growth in Virtual Networks,” New Network Theory Reader, Summer 2007. Institute of Network Cultures/University of Amsterdam.

  • “ Sharing the Language of Power: Turning Silent Resistance into Voiced Response in First Year Composition,” Faculty Voices, CSU Stanislaus 2006.

  • "Writing 'Clearly': Differing Perceptions of Clarity in Chinese and American Texts," Proceedings of the International Symposium on Contrastive and Translation Studies Between Chinese and English, 2002. East China Normal University, Shanghai, PRC.

  • "Challenges and Solutions to Creating and Delivering Multimedia Content for Asynchronous Courses," Proceedings, IASTED International Conference on Computers and Advanced Technology in Education (CATE 2001) (ACTA Press, Banff, Alberta, Canada, June 2001). De Vries, Thampuran.

  • "MANIC: An Open-Source System to Create and Deliver Courses over the Internet," Proceedings, 2001 Symposium On Applications and the Internet (IEEE Computer Society Press) (San Diego, Calif., USA, Jan. 2001). Schapira, De Vries, Martin.

  • "Seeing Texts, Writing the World," Textual Studies in Canada, Volume 10/11

Selected Presentations

  •  “Let?s Pretend,” Communication and Digital Culture Area of the Popular Culture/American Culture (PCA/ACA) Conference, San Francisco, California, March 19 ? 22, 2008

  •  “Coding Reality: From the Spells of Neil Gaiman to the Programs of Second Life,” Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, 21st Annual Conference, Portland, ME. Nov. 1-4, 2007

  •  “Desire, Dissent, and Differentiation: Sustaining Growth in Virtual Networks,” New Network Theory Conference, Amsterdam, NL. June 28-30, 2007.

  •  “Liminal Myths: heroes of the fin de siecle in the work of Neil Gaiman,” PCA/ACA 2007 National Conference, Boston MA. April 4 - 7, 2007.

  •  “Mapping the Reel China: Identity, Authenticity, and Authority in Chinese Film,” Empire 2: Borders, Borderlands, & Border Cultures, March 17-18, 2006. CSU Stanislaus.

  • “ Virtual Communities, New Identities: Blogs, Boards, and Webrings as a Source of Ethnic Empowerment and Change,” National Association for Ethnic Studies 34th Annual Conference, March 30-April 1, 2006.  San Francisco, CA.

  • "Composing in the Techno-Meritocracy," Conference on College Composition and Communication, March 16-19, 2005. San Francisco, CA.

  • "Local Classrooms, Global Rhetorics," 10th Biennial UNH Composition Studies Conference, October 15-16, 2004. University of New Hampshire, Durham

  • "'What do you mean?': Writing Across and Within the Cultural Expectations of China and the United States," Conference of College Composition and Communication, March 4-9, 2003. New York, NY.

  • "Virtual Communities, Resistant Voices: Women's Online Magazines as a Source of Empowerment and Change," Symposium, Gender and ICT: Where are We At? January 17, 2003. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL.

  • Writing "Clearly": Differing Perceptions of Clarity in Chinese and American Texts, International Symposium on Contrastive and Translation Studies Between Chinese and English, August 7-11, 2002. East China Normal University, Shanghai, PRC.

  • "'Just Tell Them You're Chinese': Cultural Stereotypes and Reception of Academic Discourse," Knowledge and Discourse 2, June 25-29, 2002. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, PRC.

  • "A Tart Point of View: Building a Community of Resistance Online," Media in Transition 2: Covergence, May 10-12, 2002. MIT, Cambridge, MA.  Here it is, archived at the MiT2 website.

Invited Talks

  • “The Evolution of Wonder Women” for the De Geuzen Foundation for Multi-visual Research, Female Icons Series, January 2008. Webcast archived here.

Sequential Tart

Since 2000 I have been writing articles, interviews, and reviews for Sequential Tart, which describes itself as:

1. a Web Zine about the comics industry published by an eclectic band of women; 2. a publication dedicated to providing exclusive interviews, in-depth articles and news, while working towards raising the awareness of women's influence in the comics industry and other realms.
In 2001 I became a staff writer, meaning I write something for Tart every month. I especially enjoy this work because in this venue my writing can teeter between the academic and the popular, I interview and write about people whose art and/or writing I enjoy, and I can interact directly with my readers through the Tartsville message boards, which allow discussion to grow out of articles and continue in a collaborative way I find exciting and inspirational.


Else-if-Then is my research blog which collects my notes, drafts, and other writing related to my work and research, from June 2007-present.