What can ambition give?

Francis bacon wanted to reconstruct the sciences of man in order to make them more accessible and up to date.  He knew that man as a species is limited in how much capacity he has to adjust to new systems, and he knew that what he was proposing was extremely far reaching in the society of man. He knew that man would fall short of this reconfiguration of the sciences; consequently, he was looking to remedy our cultural gaps. (4)

                Yet again, greed rears its ugly head in affairs of transformation.  In his treatise, likened to the accusations of Isocrates, Bacon states,” I believe because those who occupy the heights of power yearn for the immense and the infinite.”    I think that this voracity for knowledge could move in either one of two ways: Either the greed of humankind could lead to the slowing of this proposed implementation of the sciences, or the quest for knowledge could inspire more advancements and breakthroughs.  Unfortunately, for the populous, when a scientific thirst is quenched, selfishness returns to monitor who has access to the reward of effort.

                He wanted his colleagues to understand that the ways of the ancients were not more or less relevant to the hopes and aspirations of the people of his time.  He wanted to demonstrate that there are pros and cons in both the ancient ways and in the modern methods of his day.  He was explaining that there needs to be a balance.  He wanted to compare the two Epochs as opposed to criticize one or the other. 



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