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Still Hungry? Fear in the Teacherless Classroom

Is there a point in the teacherless classroom when people stop being polite? I’m not sure I’m looking forward to that experience. That is perhaps why I always wait for the last minute when a “paper is so late [I] finally stop worrying about how it will be perceived.” However, I’m not sure that the fear comes just from the thought of my peers’ honest responses. Instead it comes from an imagined amalgam of all those past hella smart and articulate peers I have encountered, and their (not my) even more hella smart profs.

Peter Elbow

Peter Elbow – Teacherless Writing Class Peter Elbow has provided us with some optimistic views on a Teacherless writing class. Elbow elaborates on the communicable / oral aspects of a teacher less writing class. According to Elbow “ When non…