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13 Dec

A Retirement

As I continued to play Clan Lord last year, I became a regular fixture on hunts arranged by perhaps the [&hellip

13 Dec


Obviously I did not manage to keep up momentum, since I last wrote in February. The last year proved extraordinarily [&hellip

21 Feb

Trying to Keep up Momentum

Have read and commented on one book, I’ve tried to keep going in spite of discovering that parenting full time [&hellip

26 Jan

Easing back in..

I finally feel like reading and writing again.  After the stresses of last year, I was seriously burnt out, and [&hellip

17 Jan

Impending Blackout

I’m not interrupting much at the moment as I’ve been taking a break.  But still… I oppose SOPA and will [&hellip

28 Aug

It’s funny, my last post was about how much writing I was doing…

And then school ended, and the kids were home! writing went out the window… I spent the summer visting with [&hellip

18 Apr

Teaching with Blogs

There are many reasons I use blogs for teaching and encourage others to use them as well. I’ll elaborate further [&hellip

22 Feb

Upcoming Conferences

I have two conferences in the next few weeks, the RSA Security conference, in San Francisco, and CCCC, in Louisville, [&hellip

5 Jan

Teaching loads and research.

Research came grinding to a halt this fall because not only did I have more classes, they were also all [&hellip

4 Oct

Arse Elektronika 2009

I gave a talk this year, along with my co-panelist Pepper Mint. It went very well and was I think [&hellip

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