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21 Feb

Trying to Keep up Momentum

Have read and commented on one book, I’ve tried to keep going in spite of discovering that parenting full time [&hellip

28 Jan

Very Short Review: The Evolution of Fantasy Role-Playing Games, by Michael Tresca

While there are quite a few books in the game studies field now, many are highly theoretical, considering whether games [&hellip

17 May

What keeps people engaged?

If you study MMOs at all, you may have seen Tom Chatfield’s TED Talk in which he talks about what [&hellip

1 Mar

Writing in Character

For awhile I was writing here, and on my abstract, and I was not writing so much as my character. [&hellip

20 Jan

Research Update… If only I could get paid to play. ;-)

So I’ve been collecting responses to questions about Clan Lord and trying to weave them together.  The process is interesting [&hellip

18 Nov

Attempting a New Approach to Fan and Game Studies

So… as I posted last time, I will be speaking about how one might take an approach to studying an [&hellip

10 Oct


I am way behind on posting because in late summer I started a new job and moved myself and the [&hellip

14 Jun

When Players become the Story

Clan Lord differs from other MMOs in many ways; one of the most basic is longevity.  The game has been [&hellip

22 May

Designing Cooperation

I said I’d have more to say… So here are some ways Clan Lord pretty well forces people to cooperate: [&hellip

16 May

Games and Community

So I’ve been playing my first MMORPG ever, and surprise, have gotten a little addicted. But this one differs from [&hellip

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