I haven’t written a post here in about 3 years.  I have thought about writing many times, but any number of things stopped me. Sometimes I was too busy. Sometimes I thought of something I wanted to write, but didn’t have the time or energy to do it justice (I thought).  Sometimes, when well-meaning friends told me I was selling myself short or wasting potential by not writing, I would grow angry because I was parenting, trying to keep house, leading a Girl Scout Troop, volunteering at my children’s school… In fact it was all “volunteer” labor, and really, why should I do even more work, for free?  I’d rather read, or play an MMO, in what sometimes feels like very scant free time.

However, a few things shifted in the last few months that have inclined me toward writing again.  For other reasons, I’m pulling back from troop leadership, which free both time and mental energy. I also cut back on my sunscreen.  I was avoiding the sun so carefully that I developed a vitamin D deficiency.  Now that I’ve even gotten a little sunburned this spring, I feel amazingly better. I have more energy and my joints aren’t aching.

There have been some other changes, but those are the easiest to make clear in this fledgling post. So maybe I’m back.

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