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17 Aug

Celebrity Identities

Lately I’ve been thinking about how celebrities try to create their own identitities and the push-pull created between celebs and [&hellip

23 Jun


I haven’t written a post here in about 3 years.  I have thought about writing many times, but any number [&hellip

28 Jun

What Kind of D & D Character would I be?

The funny thing is, this is fairly close to what I am in real life, but not what I play [&hellip

1 Jun

I have done more writing in the last two days…

Than in the last two months, I think.  Just knowing that this job is ending seems to have inspired me. [&hellip

31 May

Big Decisions

So… I am leaving my current job, which has been a combination of instructional designer, tech support, web mistress and [&hellip

28 Mar

The Price of Scholarship

So I had been accepted to speak at a conference in Amsterdam earlier this month and I had really looked [&hellip

16 May

Games and Community

So I’ve been playing my first MMORPG ever, and surprise, have gotten a little addicted. But this one differs from [&hellip

7 Apr


The Semester has been busy.  My three classes are going ok, and I participated in two conferences.  One was the [&hellip

14 Feb

Fun With Cloud Hosting and WordPress

I’ve just switched from a regular hosting plan on one server to cloud hosting, which should make my sites much [&hellip

8 Oct

Blogging and the Paperless Class.

I recently manned (womanned? personed?) a table at our school’s little tech fair; my subject was this post’s title. I [&hellip

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