Thoughts inspired by Emig

Writing is a learned behavior and talking is natural. This phrase from Janet Emig’s article, “Writing as a  Mode of writing” really sticks out for me today.   It doesn’t take any training to speak, but it does take learning to form a clear argument.   This skill is important for both verbal and written communication.   If a person’s computer dies, she may need to construct a verbal argument to communicate the error messages that are popping up on her screen.  Verbal clarity is a necessary skill to navigate the terrain of everyday life.  I do understand that writing is a complex skill that is acquired through practice

Also, I like the idea that writing involves the using the total brain “Writing involves the fullest possible functioning of the brain, which entails the active participation in the process of both the left and the right hemispheres” (125).  I also think of myself as right brain.  I like that the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity.  But, which side of the brain is responsible for writers block. 

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