Alex I like your response on the Bain reading, I would like to elaborate on your ideas with some examples. Bain requires a specific structure to argument, which I feel is contradictory to many of the philosophers we have read. Plato and Socrates’ arguments are filled with syllogisms and ideas that have no linear structure. ¬†For example, Ramus implies that Quintilian, Aristitle and Cicero, make claims that don’t make sense:

Ramus: “For the artist must be defined according to the rules of his art, so that only as much of the art as the true, proper principles cover – this much is attributed to the artist, and nothing further”.


The grammarian is defined as skilled in speaking¬†and writing cor-rectly; he is not defined as skilled in speaking, writing, and “singing”.

Ramus also comments on the syllogisms used by many of the Greek philosophers “dialectic is a virtue, so therefore is rhetoric”. The Greek Philosophers make claims that do not fit the structure Bain implies in his writings.

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