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17 Aug

Celebrity Identities

Lately I’ve been thinking about how celebrities try to create their own identitities and the push-pull created between celebs and [&hellip

24 Mar

In Honor of Ada Lovelace

So today is Ada Lovelace day and many people are writing posts in her honor that say something about women [&hellip

3 Oct

Nancy Mauro-Flude Youthful Veteran of Dutch New Media

Nancy Mauro-Flude Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver As mentioned earlier, I spoke with Nancy and Audrey together and this is Nancy’s [&hellip

22 Aug

Finishing up with Marianne

So I will get back to this at last and wrap things up from this interview a little more quickly [&hellip

22 Aug

hopefully getting back on track

OK, so I ended up spending much longer on the East Coast than I originally planned for this summer, which [&hellip

22 Jul

Marianne van den Boomen part 2

So, more from Marianne… First her account of how she encountered the internet: The Internet came into view in 1993, [&hellip

20 Jul

Interview with Marianne van den Boomen

On the same day I interviewed Erna I went also to speak with Marianne van den Boomen, who is also [&hellip

17 Jul

Erna Kotkamp part 2

So I talked to Erna quite a bit about gender stuff, since she actually has worked in that area for [&hellip

15 Jul

Interview with Erna Kotkamp

Erna Kotkamp 2008Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver My next interview was with Erna Kotkamp, who is at U. Utrecht where she [&hellip

13 Jul

Renee Turner part 2

Ok, slowly trying to catch up on these interviews… So, Renee is now working on an MA in fiction, and [&hellip

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