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10 Oct


I am way behind on posting because in late summer I started a new job and moved myself and the [&hellip

3 Oct

Nancy Mauro-Flude Youthful Veteran of Dutch New Media

Nancy Mauro-Flude Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver As mentioned earlier, I spoke with Nancy and Audrey together and this is Nancy’s [&hellip

2 Jul

Bath Toy for Worm

Bath Toy for Worm Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver Interrupting my conference coverage to try catching up some of the other [&hellip

26 Jun

Back in the Netherlands

So now I am again visiting the Netherlands for the research and talks I mentioned earlier. I have been at [&hellip

29 May

Talk at University of Twente

Now it’s official; I will give a talk at University of Twente on June 25th. Here’s the blurb: A preliminary [&hellip

4 May

Fun with NEH online submission forms

Submission is the right word for it, that’s for sure! You must fill in these pdfs exactly the right way, [&hellip

30 Mar

MLA is a go

So I will be speaking at MLA. I’m not even sure what to think of that; I’m so used to [&hellip

16 Mar

Research news, conferences, etc.

So let’s see; I just got accepted to IFIP WG 9.5 International Working Conference on Virtuality and Society: Massive Virtual [&hellip

10 Feb

Research Update

Let’s see…first the bad news: didn’t get the Franklin Grant. It’s really competitive and I know I did the best [&hellip

30 Aug

Pimping Sequential Tart

Over at Sequential Tart, for which I write monthly articles, I’ve got a piece up on my trip to the [&hellip

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