Tick Tick Tick

Every now and then I enter some kind of mental phase when my brain feels overclocked. My thoughts speed up and run in parallel processes. Right now I am thinking about three different grant proposals; my undergrad and grad classes which start in two weeks; the orientation for new TAs next week; the 10 emails to which I’m awaiting replies; those I have to send out tomorrow; the Empire conference I’m co-chairing; a bi-lateral agreement with Piet Zwart; four calls for papers I might answer; my review of the ELO electronic text; my latest article for Sequential Tart; the skype calls I’m trying to arrange…

Does this count as a dynamic heterarchy? Intermediation?

Sometimes this might make me feel overstressed but sometimes it feels like my brain is whirring along, sustained by it’s own speed, in perpetual motion. It’s not perpetual of course, and the one problem is that it’s hard to sleep in this state. I have trouble dropping off until late and as soon as the sun is barely up my eyes fly open again. Just can’t stop thinking. And I don’t really want to except I’m getting rather tired…

Anyway, now, as if all this weren’t enough, I’m thinking about scholarly subjectivity, engagement, and Kenneth Burke.

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