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17 May

What keeps people engaged?

If you study MMOs at all, you may have seen Tom Chatfield’s TED Talk in which he talks about what [&hellip

6 Sep

A younger generation of women using tech– the Gender Changers

Audrey Samson Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver OK, finally I’m on the last women I spoke with on this last trip, [&hellip

26 Jun

Back in the Netherlands

So now I am again visiting the Netherlands for the research and talks I mentioned earlier. I have been at [&hellip

1 Jun

New Media with Dutch Characteristics. Or Female. Or?

Right now I’m reading a book for which I will be writing a review any day now… Anyway, it’s called [&hellip

22 May

Award-winning Chaos

Award-winning ChaosOriginally uploaded by cuuixsilver So my college (humanities and social sciences) had the end-of-term meeting and awards ceremony. The [&hellip

4 May

Fun with NEH online submission forms

Submission is the right word for it, that’s for sure! You must fill in these pdfs exactly the right way, [&hellip

20 Apr

More about Facebook

Since I am speaking at two different conferences about the way people participate in Facebook, I have been (believe it [&hellip

16 Mar

Research news, conferences, etc.

So let’s see; I just got accepted to IFIP WG 9.5 International Working Conference on Virtuality and Society: Massive Virtual [&hellip

14 Mar

Mikhail Alexseev speaking on "Russia: Challenges to the Post-Imperial Migration State"

Finally things seem to have settled into some kind of groove. We have had dinner, we have had drinks, and [&hellip

14 Mar

And a settled panel schedule becomes a moving target

Ok, I know people have personal situations that come up, but this week we have received cancellations from about five [&hellip

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