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18 Jan

Why Teach ABout Social Media Using Social Media

Howard Rheingold speaks briefly and succinctly about his reason for doing this.  I agree. Click To Play Another cool thing [&hellip

23 Oct

IR 9.0 talk, Camille Paloque-Bergès: Internet as playful business : interactive hypertext in

Ok, I went to this talk for two reasons, first because I am interested in the ways communities construct knowledge [&hellip

2 Jul

Emerging Themes

So here I am, we are in the last paper session before the wrap-up and I’m still trying to come [&hellip

23 May

Long Distance

I can remember back in 1999 or so I was first making friends online, and at the time people around [&hellip

2 Jul

Reflections on New Media/Cyberculture studies

During the first conference and in many of my conversations with people connected to Piet Zwart, the question keeps coming [&hellip

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