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8 Oct

Blogging and the Paperless Class.

I recently manned (womanned? personed?) a table at our school’s little tech fair; my subject was this post’s title. I [&hellip

18 Jan

Why Teach ABout Social Media Using Social Media

Howard Rheingold speaks briefly and succinctly about his reason for doing this.  I agree. Click To Play Another cool thing [&hellip

18 Jan

Teaching alternatives ways of searching

I was reading a draft of a paper for Bernard about democritizing web searches.  I won’t go into the details [&hellip

12 Jan

Encouraging classroom participation

After trying a variety of different tools, I’ve come to some conclusions: IRC chatrooms work much better for discussion than [&hellip

4 Jan

New Media (or whatever we call it) at the MLA

From 27-30 December I made the traditional pilgrimage of English faculty everywhere to the annual conference of the Modern Language [&hellip

17 Sep

Her Literacy Narrative

OK, I asked the students in my graduate seminar on teaching composition and literature to write a literacy narrative–the story [&hellip

8 Sep

The effect of habitual contexts on tone

Sounds complicated, but all I actually mean is that for a long time I’ve used IRC, IM, and email to [&hellip

6 Sep

And, we’re off!

The semester has started and students are starting to find their way to the Moodle site, where so far, they [&hellip

29 Aug

Where to Begin…

As I approach the first week of classes, the pace has picked up on campus quite noticeably in several ways. [&hellip

22 Aug

"True North is in the Eyes of the Beholder"

Today I spent about 7 hours reading “writing proficiency (something) tests” –I always forget what the S stands for because [&hellip

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