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8 Jan

Rough draft of an abstract

This is due tomorrow and this will be replaced by the final version when that’s done. In the meantime, suggestions [&hellip

2 Jul

Bath Toy for Worm

Bath Toy for Worm Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver Interrupting my conference coverage to try catching up some of the other [&hellip

1 Jul

Live from IFIP WG 9.5

Can’t write too much at the moment because I will be speaking myself in 27 minutes. 🙂 Some quite interesting [&hellip

29 May

Talk at University of Twente

Now it’s official; I will give a talk at University of Twente on June 25th. Here’s the blurb: A preliminary [&hellip

23 May

Long Distance

I can remember back in 1999 or so I was first making friends online, and at the time people around [&hellip

23 Apr

Open source women back each other up program

The Open source women back each other up program is not really a techy program, but rather: 1. a program [&hellip

29 Mar

Where the hell are my slides?

Where the hell are my slides?Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver Here I am, about to lead off my panel with a [&hellip

19 Nov

Embodied experience and the post-conference buzz

I’m not sure if it’s true for everyone, but I notice that starting by the end of my first day [&hellip

22 Sep

Why do we all love Facebook?

I’ve really been wondering about this; all of these friends and I are supposed to have seriously critical attitudes toward [&hellip

19 Sep

Facebook Mania

I’ve had an account on Facebook for awhile and thought it was rather boring, but suddenly some of my friends [&hellip

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