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13 Jan

History of the Internet in 8 Minutes

I learn about the coolest things on Twitter… Johannes from Monochrom posted a link to a short video relating the [&hellip

9 Sep

Now this is funny!

A list of the top 15 criteria for interactive or new media art has been posted by the Near Future [&hellip

29 May

"The Highly Coveted Desktop Structural Achievement Award 2007-08"

Here is the text of the speech with which I was honored for my creation of truly marvelous chaos: I [&hellip

13 Oct

Doktor Sleepless, cover #4

ds4oi Originally uploaded by warrenellis I love Warren Ellis. He captures contemporary attitudes in such a beautifully snarky way. The [&hellip

13 Aug

Finally I found some amazing digital art

So I was saying last week (or maybe two weeks ago) that I hadn’t really found any art that really [&hellip

16 Jul

Makedo project 1

Makedo project 1Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver Another cool project from the Piet Zwart students, this time from the first year [&hellip

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