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2 Jul

Bath Toy for Worm

Bath Toy for Worm Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver Interrupting my conference coverage to try catching up some of the other [&hellip

27 Jan

More on the trip

After my talk at De Geuzen, I wandered around downtown a bit and then had dinner with Florian at a [&hellip

22 Jan

Catching up a bit

So, last term got completely crazy toward the end. In addition to the stuff I usually might have to do–teach, [&hellip

15 Oct

Raving about the Netherlands over at Sequential Tart

See your author re-live her adventures in Rotterdam and enthuse unashamedly about the people she met and sights she saw.The [&hellip

29 Jul

Americans in the Netherlands

I met quite a few Americans while in the Netherlands; that by itself isn’t so surprising but I was startled [&hellip

28 Jul

Scholars and Artists

In the last couple of months I have enjoyed meeting a host of really interesting scholars and artists. I’ve written [&hellip

23 Jul

Yet another cool institution in Rotterdam…

I realized that while I’ve written quite a bit about the Piet Zwart first year and graduation shows, and have [&hellip

20 Jul

Worm invaded

Worm invadedOriginally uploaded by cuuixsilver Not caring so much about Worm’s status, being more focused on it’s principles and goals [&hellip

20 Jul

Evolution of Worm

Now I will also finally finish writing about my meeting with Hajo, which I only half-covered before it was time [&hellip

16 Jul

Makedo project 1

Makedo project 1Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver Another cool project from the Piet Zwart students, this time from the first year [&hellip

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