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21 Apr

Redesign Coming Soon

Ok, I have now mastered just enough knowledge of the WP templates to be disatisfied with how this blog is [&hellip

21 Nov

Florian’s moment of revelation

Florian at Ars Electronica 2007. Note, visit Ars Electronica 2007 for more info. about Florian winning the Prix Ars prize [&hellip

15 Nov

Florian Cramer on the problem of new media paradigms

Florian at Worm in Rotterdam, Summer 2007Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver We moved on to discuss “new media” as a discipline [&hellip

15 Nov

The secret origins of Florian Cramer

Florian during his interviewOriginally uploaded by cuuixsilver Ok, there aren’t really any secrets but I haven’t seen any really biographical [&hellip

11 Nov

Brenno de Winter

B. de WinterOriginally uploaded by cuuixsilver I should also note that Brenno is starting to establish quite a journalistic reputation [&hellip

9 Nov

Finally, Brenno de Winter

Having got through everything I want to say for now about IR9, I hope to finish with my summer interviews–it’s [&hellip

6 Sep

A younger generation of women using tech– the Gender Changers

Audrey Samson Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver OK, finally I’m on the last women I spoke with on this last trip, [&hellip

8 Jul

Interview with Sher Doruff — a different view of new media fragmentation

Or discontinuities, or whatever term captures the idea that a field that previously seemed really fluid and border-less no longer [&hellip

29 Feb

I am so behind…

Even though I’m not teaching as much this term, I am just buried in work. I’m co-chair a conference that [&hellip

1 Oct

Final (for now) project proposal

Earlier this month I posted a proposal which did not get accepted for further submission and evaluation. I have to [&hellip

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