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4 Jan

New Media (or whatever we call it) at the MLA

From 27-30 December I made the traditional pilgrimage of English faculty everywhere to the annual conference of the Modern Language [&hellip

21 Nov

Florian’s moment of revelation

Florian at Ars Electronica 2007. Note, visit Ars Electronica 2007 for more info. about Florian winning the Prix Ars prize [&hellip

15 Nov

Florian Cramer on the problem of new media paradigms

Florian at Worm in Rotterdam, Summer 2007Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver We moved on to discuss “new media” as a discipline [&hellip

15 Nov

The secret origins of Florian Cramer

Florian during his interviewOriginally uploaded by cuuixsilver Ok, there aren’t really any secrets but I haven’t seen any really biographical [&hellip

8 Jul

Sher Doruff part 2

Ok, so…the creative industries. I must say that so far I have not heard one good thing about the plan [&hellip

20 May

I guess they’re keeping me another year

So I’ve finally got the word from the powers on high that I have been retained in my job next [&hellip

18 May

Summer Research

So I am once again traveling to the Netherlands to do some research, scraping away at these interviews, as many [&hellip

13 Sep

Book Project Update

So I guess I do have a book project; it’s official. –By that I mean that I’m applying for grants [&hellip

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