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29 Nov

I spend all my time on scheduling…

Some of the people I’ve started to know on Facebook are Hans Bernhard and Lizvlx, otherwise known as Ubermorgen. We’ve [&hellip

27 Nov

Tiny update on a European meet-up

So now I’ve been talking to Paweł about this plan, because everyone (well, ok, all three people) I spoke with [&hellip

26 Nov

More Con. scheduling…

And the San Diego Comic Con is July 24-28. Normally I wouldn’t mind missing it; but Tart will be 10 [&hellip

25 Nov

European Science fiction meet-up

Ok, so my going to SFRA 08 is not looking so good, unless I get major grant money. But we’ll [&hellip

19 Nov

Embodied experience and the post-conference buzz

I’m not sure if it’s true for everyone, but I notice that starting by the end of my first day [&hellip

16 Nov

Conference scheduling conflicts. Bleah.

I don’t travel all that much, and because of that I generally only attend conferences about intersections of tech and [&hellip

13 Nov

Favorite foods and identity

During my visit to Portland (Maine) I enjoyed the chance to eat many of the foods that are hard to [&hellip

11 Nov

Brian Massumi at SLSA

“Signs of Danger: The Political Ontology of Threat” This was quite a talk. Massumi set out, step by step, the [&hellip

9 Nov

Finally news on my blogging chapter, and identity projects more genrally

Quick burst of good news: finally I’ve heard from the editor of International Blogging; it’s coming out from Peter Lang [&hellip

8 Nov

Back to SLSA — Code Play panel

Ok, backing up to talk about what I think was actually the last panel I saw. Speaking were Dene Grigar, [&hellip

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