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15 Oct

Also forgot MLA… New Media Divergence: The Problem of a Fragmented Disciplinary Discourse

I spoke at MLA last December about what I feel is problem in current academic discourse about new media: The [&hellip

13 Oct

Slides from CCCC 2009

I just noticed that I never posted the slides from my talk at the 2009 Conference on College Composition and [&hellip

5 Apr

CCCC panel–Web 2.0 Wavelengths: Examining Spaces Created Within Electronic Discourse

Missed the first speaker–my stupid business center could not print my slides…. 😛 2 Jennifer Buckner spoke about using Pownce [&hellip

4 Jan

New Media (or whatever we call it) at the MLA

From 27-30 December I made the traditional pilgrimage of English faculty everywhere to the annual conference of the Modern Language [&hellip

22 Oct

Talks at IR 9.0 — Mimi Ito Keynote

Ok, I’ve had some more sleep and will start commenting on talks I saw. Honestly, I didn’t see as many [&hellip

20 Oct

Part of a lovely dinner group

Part of a lovely dinner groupOriginally uploaded by cuuixsilver Some of the conversational participants… I am so tempted to going [&hellip

1 Jul

Live from IFIP WG 9.5

Can’t write too much at the moment because I will be speaking myself in 27 minutes. 🙂 Some quite interesting [&hellip

29 May

Talk at University of Twente

Now it’s official; I will give a talk at University of Twente on June 25th. Here’s the blurb: A preliminary [&hellip

30 Mar

MLA is a go

So I will be speaking at MLA. I’m not even sure what to think of that; I’m so used to [&hellip

29 Mar

Internet or Digital Culture?

After attending a number of panels and the “birds-of-a-feather” meeting for people interested in Internet and Digital Culture, I was [&hellip

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