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8 Jan

Rough draft of an abstract

This is due tomorrow and this will be replaced by the final version when that’s done. In the meantime, suggestions [&hellip

12 Nov


A quick note to thank Ritchie Pettauer (whom I met through Facebook!) for asking to publish my Facebook paper on [&hellip

20 Oct

This is not a post

ok, of course it is, but not a real one. By that I mean that I have a ton of [&hellip

10 Oct

Papers for IR 9.0

Here is our panel, by the way: Web 2.0 sites are praised for promoting sharing and collaboration; at the same [&hellip

26 Jun

Back in the Netherlands

So now I am again visiting the Netherlands for the research and talks I mentioned earlier. I have been at [&hellip

29 May

Talk at University of Twente

Now it’s official; I will give a talk at University of Twente on June 25th. Here’s the blurb: A preliminary [&hellip

20 Apr

More about Facebook

Since I am speaking at two different conferences about the way people participate in Facebook, I have been (believe it [&hellip

4 Apr

nothing like reading back over your dissertation…

To inspire at best that oh-so-pleasant feeling of wanting to sink through the floor. Since I decided to reformat my [&hellip

29 Mar

Where the hell are my slides?

Where the hell are my slides?Originally uploaded by cuuixsilver Here I am, about to lead off my panel with a [&hellip

29 Nov

I spend all my time on scheduling…

Some of the people I’ve started to know on Facebook are Hans Bernhard and Lizvlx, otherwise known as Ubermorgen. We’ve [&hellip

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