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12 Aug

Ethereal Archives: The Evolution of Information Structures from Social Networks and Their Impact on Collective and Personal Identity

How do collective archives emerge from the individual digital memories of participants in social networks, facilitated by social software? Networks [&hellip

9 Jan

Final Version

Update: Accepted.  🙂  Now just have to find a way to pay for the trip. Thanks to Mirko for the [&hellip

8 Jan

Rough draft of an abstract

This is due tomorrow and this will be replaced by the final version when that’s done. In the meantime, suggestions [&hellip

6 Jan

Also While in SF….

I got to hang out with people I know mainly through the Twitterverse, which was really great.  When I was [&hellip

5 Nov

Bernhard Rieder and Algorithmic Proximity at IR9

The last talk I saw that I’ll report was Bernhard’s, on Algorithmic Proximity. Bernhard started off with background on the [&hellip

10 Oct

Papers for IR 9.0

Here is our panel, by the way: Web 2.0 sites are praised for promoting sharing and collaboration; at the same [&hellip

1 Jun

New Media with Dutch Characteristics. Or Female. Or?

Right now I’m reading a book for which I will be writing a review any day now… Anyway, it’s called [&hellip

20 Apr

More about Facebook

Since I am speaking at two different conferences about the way people participate in Facebook, I have been (believe it [&hellip

29 Oct

"Appropriate " use of Facebook and similar sites

In a recent talk, Danah Boyd said that she doesn’t use these social networking sites the way teenagers do, nor [&hellip

29 Jun

NNT, Day 2

Here I am again and this time I’ve snagged a seat near one of the few electrical outlets in this [&hellip

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