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9 Jan

Final Version

Update: Accepted.  🙂  Now just have to find a way to pay for the trip. Thanks to Mirko for the [&hellip

6 Jan

Also While in SF….

I got to hang out with people I know mainly through the Twitterverse, which was really great.  When I was [&hellip

12 Nov


A quick note to thank Ritchie Pettauer (whom I met through Facebook!) for asking to publish my Facebook paper on [&hellip

5 Nov

Bernhard Rieder and Algorithmic Proximity at IR9

The last talk I saw that I’ll report was Bernhard’s, on Algorithmic Proximity. Bernhard started off with background on the [&hellip

25 Oct

Marianne van den Boomen at IR 9.0

The next talk I saw was Marianne’s; a much more developed version of the research she presented at New Network [&hellip

22 Oct

Talks at IR 9.0 — Mimi Ito Keynote

Ok, I’ve had some more sleep and will start commenting on talks I saw. Honestly, I didn’t see as many [&hellip

20 Apr

More about Facebook

Since I am speaking at two different conferences about the way people participate in Facebook, I have been (believe it [&hellip

29 Oct

"Appropriate " use of Facebook and similar sites

In a recent talk, Danah Boyd said that she doesn’t use these social networking sites the way teenagers do, nor [&hellip

1 Jul

Later last Friday

So those first parallel sessions ran so late–well, the whole schedule was already running behind–that when we got down to [&hellip

29 Jun

NNT, Day 2

Here I am again and this time I’ve snagged a seat near one of the few electrical outlets in this [&hellip

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