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29 Oct

"Appropriate " use of Facebook and similar sites

In a recent talk, Danah Boyd said that she doesn’t use these social networking sites the way teenagers do, nor [&hellip

15 Oct

Raving about the Netherlands over at Sequential Tart

See your author re-live her adventures in Rotterdam and enthuse unashamedly about the people she met and sights she saw.The [&hellip

13 Oct

Doktor Sleepless, cover #4

ds4oi Originally uploaded by warrenellis I love Warren Ellis. He captures contemporary attitudes in such a beautifully snarky way. The [&hellip

12 Oct


So, lately my impression is that Facebook is being used by a lot of people beyond the teenage stereotype. For [&hellip

9 Oct

Call For Papers

I am Co-chairing a conference next spring, Empire: Migrations, Diasporas, Networks, running March 13-15. This is an interdisciplinary conference and [&hellip

1 Oct

Final (for now) project proposal

Earlier this month I posted a proposal which did not get accepted for further submission and evaluation. I have to [&hellip

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